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  Material Safety Data Silica Gel Desiccant

Reactivity is stable under normal temperatures and pressures in sealed containers. Hazardous polymerization will not occur.

Clean up personnel need protection against inhalation of dusts of fumes. Eye protection is required. Vacuuming methods of clean up are preferred.

May cause health hazards when inhaled, ingested or in contact with the eyes and skin. Prolonged inhalation may cause irritation to the upper respiratory track and lung damage. Contact with eye tissue may result in irritation.

Nonflammable but negilgible fire and explosion hazard when exposed to heat or flame by reaction with incompatible substances. When fire occur use dry chemical, water spray , or foam. For larger fires, use water spray fog and foam.
  Inhalation : Remove to fresh air immediately. If breathing has stopped, give artificial respiration. Keep affected person warm and at rest. Get mdeical attention immediately.
  Ingestion : If large amounts have been ingested, give emetivs to cause vomiting stomach siphon may be applied as well. Milk and fatty acids should be avoided. Get medical attention immediately.
  Eyes : Wash eyes immediately and carefully for minutes with running water, lifting upper and lower eyelids occasionally. Get prompt medical attention.
  Skin : To avoid repeated or prolonged contact with this chemical, use good hygienic practices. Wash with soap and a large amount of water. Get medical attention if irritation or inflammation develops.
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