1.  Auto air balance (No Electricity required)
2.  Easy work operation at places with low celling
3.  Stable movement, as the height is short
4.  Performing 3-dimensional work without separate S/W operation
     unlike up/down lift
5.  Employing anti-drop appratus to prepare for a case when
     air supply is suspended
6.  Protected by returning to normal state when dropping goods 
     during operation
7.  Requiring only 1/100 the actual weight for handling
8.  Detaching weighty goods after it is landed safely
9.  Raising work efficiency 3 times a general lift with O.K Man'
     speedy and accurate operation
10. Maintaining balanced state always and no movement when stop
11. Protected from overweight by adopting auto weight sensor
12. Performing diverse operations of wide range by adopting parallel links
13. Used for various purposes according to the kind of attachment
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